Sensual Massage from Head to Foot

Posted on February 4, 2012


     Relaxation can be done with a partner, one with a sensual massage. Sensual massage the entire body, from head to toe, not only to introductory sexual intercourse. But indeed, couples sensual massage to create an atmosphere that brought you and your partner into the mood.

How exactly a sensual massage? Just follow these tips from Jessica Dolland, author of 50 Natural Ways to Feel Sexy.

Body massage
Pour a little oil into your palms, then warm the oil by rubbing both hands before starting to massage. Rubbing motion along the length of the back can be done while sitting on a hip couple. It will make you and he are touching each other. However, do not charge your body weight to the body of the couple.

Make sure you touch it with full confidence and with the constant movement of the long, flowing, and not disconnected. Your hands have to touch to the whole curve of the body, such as shoulders, hips and buttocks. You can rub with a soft, smooth, and full of affection, or with a strong and full of stimulation.

Facial massage
Put a little oil into the palm of the hand. Rub hands together, then move your hands from her neck to the chin and jaw to the forehead. Press the center of the eyebrows towards the side of the head with his thumb. Repeat this movement on the forehead to the hairline. Play against your fingers clockwise at a point on the cheek.

Then, use your thumb to rub along the brow bone leading to a long nose, starting from the base to the nostrils and into the cheek bone. Then loosen the hand to gently rub your palms on either side of the forehead down to the scalp. And, pull the hand away from his head.

Gently place the back of your hand and rotate your fingers a few times in a clockwise direction at the temples. End the massage with a partner holding the head with your hands.

Foot massage
Massaging the foot by using the reflection principle is the easiest way to create a touch of the couple. However, if you want to do this on a pair of reflexology, make sure he was in good health. Foot massage can not only refresh your body, but also can arouse. Because the foot is one of the most sensitive body parts.

Start by massaging the entire foot with strong circulation. Do the massage to the bottom with the tip of your thumb. Move your thumb along the inside of your foot to stimulate the nervous system in spinal cord tissue.

Continue to massage the soles of the feet of the top (area under the thumb and little finger). Massage in this area will relate to the chest area and deliver a more regular breathing and deep.

After that, pituitary reflex massage is also in the middle of the toe prints. Here are the main point of the gland that controls other endocrine glands and produce hormones that play a role in many organ systems including sexual function.

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