Plus Minus World Marijuana in the Treatment

Posted on February 9, 2012


In many countries, the cannabis plant (canabbis sativa) are classified into narcotics. Although these plants actually have benefits in treatment, but some drug regulatory authorities declared illegal and the lack of approved marijuana use.

Report entitled Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base, is one of the most comprehensive study of marijuana which was written in 1999 by non-governmental medical organization, the Institute of Medicine. In this report describes in detail what are the plus and minus the use of marijuana.

Active ingredients in cannabis or marijuana, or cannabinoid known as THC, is known to have medical value. But it is still debatable whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks THC.

Risk of overdose

Until now, actually have not found reports of people who died from an overdose of marijuana. But if consumed in large quantities still have a bad effect. For comparison, each year recorded 5,000 cases of death due to excess alcohol. Therefore, many say that marijuana is safer than other drugs, like alcohol.

Influence on memory

Marijuana is damaging short-term memory, but only when someone is drunk. Studies have shown THC has a negative impact on memory and long-term marijuana use can permanently damage the memory.


Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) ban the use of marijuana by three main reasons, namely the medical benefits of marijuana plants could be replaced by other, more effective drugs and the use of marijuana can cause addiction.

But in fact the argument can be broken. Currently there are many drugs on the market that works the same way and all were approved. Besides the potential for addiction is not a basis in determining the legal classification of a drug. Various studies suggest that the essence of marijuana does not cause addiction.

Influence on the immune system

Some expressed the opinion that people smoke marijuana would have a low immune system because marijuana inhibits the activity of T cells Because it’s people such as people with low immune systems are more susceptible to HIV infection. Another opinion says that the interference immunity of the lung occurs only if the marijuana was smoked.

Influence on the heart

The latest evidence that long-term cannabis use is shown to cause cardiovascular problems in people who are normal.