Danger of Using Too Old Laptop

Posted on February 10, 2012


Children and adolescents carrying a laptop is now a common sight. However, parents are advised to limit the use of laptops in young people because it can affect the growth of muscles and their posture.

According to a research by a team from Boston University, revealed about 50 percent of student laptop users often complain of pain after using the computer for an hour. Research carried out on 18 million students in 2008.

“Disorders of the musculoskeletal system that occur in childhood through young adulthood need to be a concern because of their posture and musculoskeletal systems are still developing,” said Karen Jacobs, lead researcher and therapist from Boston University.

He explained that the complaints of pain due to the use of laptops are now commonly experienced by children in many countries. In addition to parents to monitor the duration of the use of laptops, Jacobs also suggested that children are taught to do the stretches and exercises to prevent posture problems in the future.

Report quoted by The Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2009 found musculoskeletal disorders (muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons) reaches 29 percent of all accidents at work and cause the workers to take sick leave.

According to Jacobs, one of the causes of muscle or joint disorders in children are a laptop user desks are not as appropriate. To relieve soreness, he suggested that laptop users use the mouse than the trackpad on the laptop.

“Using the trackpad makes us to be in an awkward position because the position of the hand pass through the body, instead of relaxing on the side,” said Jacobs, who had been president of the American Occupational Therapy Association.

When using the trackpad, usually a finger, the tendons of the fingers will constantly expand and cause muscle and joint tension. In a long time, this discomfort will extend to the shoulder, wrist, and arm.

In addition, most people also rest their wrists when using the touchpad. This condition is called contact pressure (contact stress) and would cost the wrist muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

“Laptops are designed to be used at your desk. Therefore, we should add accessories such as mouse and keyboard to prevent joint pain,” said Jacobs.

From the research he did, it is known that children who suffer the most painful because of the use of laptops are generally children who are not actively engaged. “There is a trend of people who physically active more often suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. It occurs in both children and adults,” said Robin Billespie, ergonomics experts.

Just as athletes must warm up before getting into the field, Jacobs also advises users to stretch in between the laptop using a laptop. “Walking around after using the laptop for two hours is a good start,” he said. He also suggested to perform stretching exercises the hands, neck, back and head every day.

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