Children’s Emotional Disorders hitting Trigger

Posted on February 11, 2012


Hitting children is often used as a way of parents to discipline their children. Though physical punishment on children was not justified because of the long-term impact on the emotional development of children.

Children who often gets hit or pinch of their parents will grow to high levels of aggression towards parents, siblings, peers, or a partner in the future. This is because the kids that just learned that every time they are angry or upset can be expressed with a hit.

Thus the conclusion of a study published recently in the journal of the Canadian Medical Association. The study was conducted by analyzing two studies that lasted a decade.

Despite the physical punishment has been rarely applied to the parents, but most parents still believe that physical punishment is an acceptable form of punishment. In a 2008 study in the United States revealed that 80 percent of preschool children’s parents never spanked them.

Impact of physical blows received by children, according to researchers, is a mental disorder. Besides being more aggressive, the child may also experience anxiety, depression, and risky alcohol and drugs.

Neural imaging research also shows the impact of physical blows in the brains of children, especially if the blow hit on the head. Due to changes in their brain function is more susceptible to the temptation of alcohol or drugs.

“The aggressive child, the more they got hit from his parents. Unfortunately, the punishment instead of reducing the aggressiveness of the child, aggravated,” said Ron Ensom, a social worker at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Parents should be able to control his emotions when encountering errors Kids than sorry later. Moreover, the act of beating the child often trigger acts of persecution.

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