5 Steps to Create a generation of “Platinum”

Posted on February 15, 2012


To create a generation of smart, tough, high quality and competitive in the future, each partner needs to do a good reproductive management. Management includes careful planning before, during and after pregnancy.

Build an individual who “platinum” as well as build a house. With good planning, it will produce a building that is sturdy and can last for decades.

“With the planning or management of reproduction is good, a couple can plan and prepare for prosses is running smoothly and to develop an optimal outcome.”

There are 5 steps you can take to create a generation of platinum:

1. Premarital preparation (preconception), because love is not enough

With a premarital medical examination, you and your partner can take some remedial action / preventive health issues related to fertility and genetically inherited diseases.

Both partners will generally be related to examination the presence or absence of disease such as diabetes (diabetes mellitus), hepatitis and thalassemia which can affect pregnancy and is declining. Thalassemia (a hereditary disease in which red blood cells are easily damaged) and hemophilia (clotting disorder) can be derived through marriage with an infected or who are carriers (carrier).

2. Conception, implantation

A person is not enough just to know that she is pregnant or not pregnant. Therefore, it is important to check when it began to occur. “Because there must be a normal pregnancy and no”.

One example of an abnormal pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that occurs when a fertilized egg implant and grow outside the uterine endometrial cavity. The risk of death in an ectopic pregnancy is much higher than in normal pregnancies.

Some things that can trigger ectopic pregnancy among such, an increased prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, use of antibiotics and the use of assisted reproductive techniques (in vitro fertilization).

3. Trimester 1, 2 and 3

Prenatal care is one important step towards a healthy pregnancy. In addition to determining the estimated gestational age and labor, by means of ultrasound examination in the first trimester also aims to determine the location or position of the pregnancy, the baby is alive or not and the anatomy of the uterus and ovaries, for example, is there a myoma or a cyst.
“So it is not enough to just see a big baby or a big belly”.

4. Nutritional counseling

Pregnant women are not enough to eat regular food-. Needed proper nutrition and balanced. Maternal nutritional status before and during pregnancy can affect fetal growth are being conceived. In other words the quality of babies born very dependent on the state of maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy.
“Babies are formed is the result of what you eat his mother”.

5. Readiness counseling pregnant women and people around

A pregnant woman needs time to adjust to and feel the pregnancy. Therefore, it is required the full support of both husband and people around to help every expectant mothers face anxiety when faced with the birth of a child.