Beware, Many Lipsticks Contain Lead

Posted on February 16, 2012


Lipstick can make lips look more attractive. But be careful selecting the type of lipstick. According to the testing of 400 lipstick that circulated in the United States found that the majority of cosmetic products that contain lead.

The study was conducted by the Campaign for Sale Cosmetiks, a coalition that aims to encourage the safe production of cosmetics. It is known that the lipstick contains lead 7:19 ppm. As a comparison of children’s toys in circulation in the United States must not contain 100 ppm of lead.

One of the highest cosmetic timbalnya content is a product whose price is quite expensive. Meanwhile, at least timbalnya product turns out to be a product that’s cheap, the Wet & Wild Mega Mixer Lip Balm.

Lead is a toxic metal since 1978 and banned from use in paint products. These elements are particularly dangerous for children because it causes disturbances in the brain and blood.

“There are no safe levels of chemicals because even a little, but if exposed to every day surely will accumulate in the body,” said Stacy Malkan, of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

So far the FDA does not set the standard safe level of chemicals in the product. Therefore, according to Malkan, many manufacturers who argued that chemical use is legal.

“We therefore request that the FDA sets standards and provides guidance for producers to sell safe products,” he said. He added that every day an average woman uses 12 products of cosmetics and body cleanser.

Meanwhile, responding to the FDA argued the test results are not found in high levels of lead in lipstick products. “We’ve been making and testing methods for measuring lead in lipstick and did not find any content that could be harmful to health”.

According to Kim Anderson, executive director Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, lipstick is not just cosmetic products that contain harmful chemicals. He urged consumers to be cautious on the products that include the word “perfume (fragrance)” in the content of their products.

“If you used the word fragrance, manufacturers can hide behind the 600 chemicals that word. About 75 percent of the fragrance contains phthlates, which are carcinogenic in tissues in the body,” said Andrson, activist cosmetic products are safe.

In fact, perfumes are included in the product to watch. In the state of New Hampshire there is a rule to prohibit a person using perfume or cologne before leaving for work. The reason? Due to some fragrances can cause allergic reactions.

“We support such rules. Quite a few people who are sensitive to perfume because it can trigger symptoms of headache, difficulty breathing, and asthma. Fact that the agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved the rule indicates anything,” said Malkan.