8 Ways To Happier At Work

Posted on February 29, 2012


Almost everyone has felt the boredom boredom with the job they do. Often, the work routines of work into a trap that can lead to stress and pressure. If efforts are not overcome, it would greatly affect one’s job performance and achievements.

If you start experiencing tough times at work or feel less satisfied with the work, it’s time for you to make changes. There are at least eight ways that can be considered to make your days at work are happier. The following is his explanation:

1. Set your working life

If your work activities often make you feel stressed and overwhelmed, it is time for calm by making everything more organized. First, make sure you arrive a few minutes early at work to give you a little time to manage your tasks for the day and prepare mentally. Second, set the space / desk with the care of all items littered. Then, make a list of planned activities will you do on that day (by priority).

2. Wear clothes that enhance the mood

Many of us are required to wear uniforms or obey the rules of dress for work. If you have more freedom to dress, try to wear clothing or accessories that can improve your mood and confidence. By adding something special to the work clothes will make your day more colorful.

3. Perform a wide variety of additional

Variety is the spice of life, and this needs to be done when you start your daily routine in your work. The same routine every day will make you get bored quickly. So try to make every day a little different in any way you can. For example, perform routine tasks in different orders, talking with new people or take a different route to work (or perhaps using a different mode of transportation, like cycling, if you can afford).

4. Decorate your desk

Research has shown that workers who add decoration to the workspace / their desk, 40 percent happier than those who do not. While you may not have the authority to decorate or rearrange the entire office space, you can perform a simple example, buy some nice stationery, post photos, calendar cute or a little piece of artwork, or put a small plant on your desk.

5. Remain active in the office

If your work day make you excited, try to give a stimulus to yourself by doing some simple exercises when the lunch break. Exercise is good for improving self-esteem, relieve stress, and also releases chemicals in the brain such as endorphins and anandamide that can improve mood and make you feel happy. If your workplace has the facilities to shower, do it after your lunch.

6. Eat snacks that make happy

Provide some healthy snacks on your desk. Why? Because of certain nutrients in food can affect one’s feelings. There are some foods that can encourage the feeling of happiness such as walnuts (omega-3), banana (mengadung that produce serotonin tryptophan and magnesium. Serotonin has effects to improve mood, soothe and reduce depression). Make sure your snacks contain complex carbohydrates for slow release of energy and keep blood sugar levels remain low to prevent depression and fatigue.

7. Think positive and friendly co-workers

Regardless of whether you’re stressed, try to stay positive and friendly attitude to adopt when talking to your coworkers. Even though they often do not have the same thoughts with you! Try to resolve any conflicts, avoid office gossip, and treat everyone as you want to be treated. Research shows that a smile can really make you feel happier, so try to give a smile every time you meet someone in the office.

8. Appreciate the fact that you have a job

Try to provide something the best of what you have and identify what can make you feel more motivated to work. For example, aspiring to gain a position or a better job in the job. With the target that you create, it will make you drive the spirit at work.

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