How To Check the Health of “Exile”

Posted on March 4, 2012


Remember the wise words, you are what you eat. The food is then processed in the digestive tract, giving energy and nutrient supply our daily lives. Food waste is then discharged through the anus in the form of stool or feces.

It is enough healthy is our feces? Stool is a good barometer of health in a person. Let us value our health by observing the results of our waste water daily.

1. Is the stool that floats?
a. Floats (1 point)
b. Sunset (2 points)

2. How hard feces that?
a. Such as toothpaste (1 point)
b. Hard (2 points)

3. How much does it weigh?
a. Above 200 grams (1 point)
b. Below 200 grams (2 points)

4. How often do you defecate in a day?
a. Once (1 point)
b. No routine every day (2 points)

5. What color is it?
a. Yellow (1 point)
b. Dark brown (2 points)

6. Does the smell?
a. Not too (1 point)
b. Very bad (2 points)

7. How can it be?
a. Such as gravel (2 points)
b. Such as pasta (1 point)
c. Such as bananas (1 point)
d. Very loud (2 points)
e. Liquid (2 points)
f. Such as mud (2 points)

How healthy is your?

If your score:
07-09: Congratulations! You are healthy enough.
10-12: Be careful, watch what you eat everyday. Expand the foods that contain fiber.
> 13 : If this condition continues, you should consult a doctor so that this issue be addressed immediately.