7 Special Attention When Mother Baby Care

Posted on March 6, 2012


For first-time mothers giving birth, caring for a newborn into the role of a happy stage of change at the same time worrying. Happy because of the presence of the tiny, adorable and bring cheerful atmosphere at home. Worried because they still have not had experience caring for newborns.

So do not worry, there are some things that need to be considered by a first-time mothers who have babies. What are the 7 special attention when the mother caring for a baby at home?

1. Notice the warmth of a baby

Not prevent the baby was cold with tight swaddling the baby, but by adjusting the temperature of the right environment for the baby. Bedong baby too tightly no longer recommended at this time. Allow the baby to move freely.

Specifically in premature infants, giving warmth can be done by the method of carrying a baby kangaroo, which is holding the baby in the chest in a state of skin to skin contact (direct contact of the skin of the mother and baby), wear a head covering caps, socks, gloves and warm clothes when cold air, and keep the baby in the circumstances, either because the wet too long to urinate or defecate.

2. Notice the baby’s breath

Baby’s breathing should not be too soon, when more than 60 times per minute, or when breathing wheezing infants looked, sounded and with blue around the lips and nose, it means that your baby is ill mother.

To note that a healthy baby’s breathing is:

* Parents should not smoke around your baby, keep the baby from the fumes of motor vehicles, for example, heating the motorcycle engine was not near the mother holding a baby.

* We recommend that babies be avoided from dust, chemicals that make babies shortness of breath, close your mouth and nose with a handkerchief when there are families who have the flu is near the baby.

* After bathing the baby does not need to be dusted with talcum powder all over your body, if you want to give the powder gave a solid powder form instead of powder.

* Babies do not need to be installed octopus breathing in newborn infants breathing more freely.

* The circulation of ventilation air or the baby’s room is quite good.

3. Note the color of baby’s skin

Occasionally, during the first week of the newborn has jaundice. Notice if the baby seems weak, lazy drink, the eyes look yellow, lazy suck, do not delay immediately taken to the doctor. Mothers who have to do to prevent yellow diligently breastfeeding immediately after birth to care for the baby to drink. Be dried in the sun for vitamin D, but before the meeting at 8 and just 10 to 15 minutes.

Note the reddish color when baby’s skin, allergies, there are blisters or a rash on the buttocks and neck. Fixed baths to keep your baby’s skin clean. Use a soft cotton cloth diapers and avoid using diapers on a regular basis in a long time, when will skin care rash or blisters on the baby’s red with cream should consult with a healthcare provider.

4. Notice how the provision of drinking

Needs of infants breastfed at will not have to be scheduled hours. Babies slept more often early in life after birth, when three hours yet wake up to breastfeed. Always remember to sendawakan each finished drinking, the way the baby is half-sitting position in our laps, or may telungkupkan on our shoulder and pat his back patted.

Not to prevent choking. Avoid heavy sleepy baby during breastfeeding.

For the newborn due to incomplete swallowing reflex and the presence of residual air in the stomach sometimes experience after drinking spit, soon your baby is positioned sideways, rub marks and dressing the baby spit up.

When giving milk through a bottle, do not prop the bottle pacifier in baby’s mouth for any reason, it is very dangerous. Prevent nipple confusion by giving the baby a drink using a small glass, hold the baby’s lips let the baby taste alone, occasionally not be poured, a choking hazard. Or use a small spoon to buy little by little.

5. Watch as baby defecate and urinate

Newborns who are breastfed enough of the frequency of bowel movements mother would “more often” because the milk contains substances that facilitate laksansia bowel so that helps clear yellow substance (bilirubine) from the baby’s body. Mother not to worry.

To note the color and the current state of child defecation were: when the baby’s stool contains mucus, frothy, blood and feces contained only water it continually, abdominal bloating and difficult defecation, stool color somewhat white. In this situation, the baby needs help with health professionals continue to be breastfed.

Healthy baby and needs should be drinking enough to urinate frequently, urine color is clear yellow. Notice if the baby does not urinate within the first 24 hours from birth, the baby would cry every straining to urinate, and when the urine dark yellow or red, immediately take the baby to a health worker.

6. Note the cleanliness and infection prevention

The newborn is bathed twice daily morning and evening. Make sure the warmth of the water bath according to the baby’s body, can be measured by means of warmth, can with the back of his hand. Babies should be bathed in a tub bath or a baby. Soaking is an exciting moment for the baby, but also stimulates blood circulation to clean dirt and germs that are inherent in the baby’s body.

For sick infants remain bathed in a washcloth with warm water throughout the body and lathered, then wipe with a towel keringakan special just for your baby should not be mixed with other family members.

Clean the umbilical cord with a washcloth given bubble bath soap, rinse with water then dry. How to care for the home match with the midwife or doctor’s instructions when the mother gave birth to a baby. Umbilical cord should be moistened enough (rubbed) 70 per cent alcohol and do not need to be wrapped gauze.

Prevent urinary tract infection with frequently changing diapers. Remember always wash your hands before and after caring for a baby. When the baby’s temperature over 38 degrees celsius baby should not dibedong meeting or covered with a thick, wear a thin cotton dress, open the thick blankets and warm water compresses and take it to your healthcare provider.

When the base of the umbilical cord is reddish, out pus, foul odor accompanied by abdominal bloating, or infant eye infections by removing dirt marks on the yellow-green eyes immediately brought to the nearest health.

Complete all immunizations.

7. Attention to stimulate early infant intelligence

When caring for a baby, a new mother and father should be more than communicate with the baby when the baby is still in the womb.

The touch of love, physical contact, singing to the little activity that would be happy for new parents. The more diligent father and mother gave stimulus infant intelligence, the intelligence of the baby’s brain development will be more perfect.

Another way to stimulate the intelligence of the sentence – short, simple sentences when caring for infants. Call one word repeatedly in a series of short sentences, for example a shower, drink, sleep, love, hug, father, mother. Not need long sentences and not too many different languages. Memory of a baby’s brain will continue to record the word – the word parents every day.

Best wishes, congratulations baby care for new mothers. May be useful

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