Begging Do not Ever Love

Posted on March 14, 2012


The reaction of people who love rejected or disconnected diverse. There is shame and disappointment. Sometimes accompanied by feelings of anger and sadness. This is normal, especially when knowing that her boyfriend has a new trailer. In some cases accompanied by feelings of depression and despair that there is also committed suicide.

Crush the normal

If you are interested in a girl or vice versa, it is reasonable. A crush is a normal feeling when you start to enter adolescence. Because it is in line with growth hormone during puberty and sex. But if the feeling of love and interest that are sent directly to the question? Ohhh wait a minute. You need to weigh wisely, whether it’s your best friend also had the same feeling.

Love that binds two hearts. True love is not unrequited. Love is not mere emotion or feeling. Love involves logic and will.

Alarm love

A sign of love. If there are no signs, you should postpone declaring. True love can pull himself together. Then when dong stated that feeling? Wait for the right time. Wait time when your friend shows that he too noticed your response. I call this “alarm” in love.

How do I know? Usually a feeling of love is apparent from several things. She likes to look at us either directly or covertly. She likes to call you directly or via other means of communication. Nice to meet you and chat. Sometimes he gives something good or favorite foods. Giving attention when you are sick or anniversary. Looks like you’re special in his eyes.

If you like, and there are signs he likes the new you consider to convey that feeling.

If your love is rejected

When you convey a feeling of affection or love, please prepare yourself if your love was rejected. Why?

Do not forget some friends interested in us, not because he wants to be our partner. But he just felt fit or connect with us. Or she feels you as a sister or brother is good. Your friend will usually refuse properly.

Even more painful is if there are no signs direct you shoot the target. I could have declined sharply in question, with a condescending tone. Well, hopefully you will not experience this.

If you love your natural rejected a sad, disappointed and angry. All that feeling is only natural. Feeling rejected was one painful experience for anyone. But most importantly if you allow yourself to continually dogged by disappointment, sadness and anger. Or you try to bounce back, and tried to rearrange the feelings, life and future.

When love is decided unilaterally

It is more painful is when you’ve been together so long, then it was decided unilaterally by the boyfriend. The general reaction is sad, disappointed and angry.

You have to realize that dating is a time to know each other and not binding. If any of you guys do not get along, it’s natural he’s broke. Including when he was found a guy or girl who is more okay than you.

If he decides that means he does not love you anymore. A sign that he did not feel comfortable anymore with you. Do not ever beg for love. True love gives without being asked. So if you love your spouse is fresh, and he moved to another heart then it’s better restraint.

True love in courtship mentautkan two hearts. Must not only one who loves. You should not force you to accept love. Do not let your girlfriend threaten you. That’s a sign you are not mature.

Essentially, do not ever build a relationship of love over fear. In true love there is no fear. Which is courage, prosperous and self-control.

New leaf

If we cracked and broken relationships what do we do? I borrow a phrase from Samuel Noble, do not have the mental glue. Relationship or a relationship is like a glass. Sometimes it’s better we leave it broken than try to hurt themselves by trying to fix it as usual.

His article titled “Broken” invites us to learn to dare to see the rift, then let it break / burst. Then we continue to invite new journey. Do not be a glue, which seeks to re-throw moves. We will fix the cracks were tired of their own.

Why not “buy” new glasses. Glasses that give hope and a new spirit. Originally we wisely choose new glasses. Bottom line Do not waste your energies in vain just to throw things that can not be glued together again.

In closing Samuel said: “I must learn to lose courage and daring to take a new way to lose even though it can always happen. Let’s broken too so I’m not selfish, so my friend can be happy. Because of my efforts to reconnect may not be her happy. ”

Well, if you decided girlfriend then learn to accept it as a hopeless look to the future. That in fact there are prospective mates who put up his best for you. Just need a little patience. Let the feeling of sadness, hurt, bitter, angry and disappointed you are experiencing a moment. Have a good cry now than to suffer forever.

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