5 Advantages If Likes Watching Sports

Posted on March 15, 2012


Not everyone likes to watch sports events, and this would be appreciated. However, taste preferences can not be enforced, is not it? But if you are watching a football league for accompanying spouse, for example, you should not feel forced to do so. Therefore, a spectator sports event turned out to have many benefits.

“Mutual tied for sports, either win or lose, will strengthen the bond, helps us feel supported, and makes it easier to open about personal matters,” said Renee Clauselle, PsyD, private psychology clinic owner in Long Island, NY.

When you and your friends sponsor the same team, this will create a sense of family, plus Daniel Wann, PhD, professor of Murray State University who studied the psychology of sports fans for over 20 years. When you meet with others who are equally championed local teams, for example, “You will soon establish a connection with other people around you,” he said.

What other benefits of watching a sporting event?

1. So motivated to move
Seeing how fast the foot tennis player Maria Sharapova, or how slim the stomach swimmer Dara Torres, will certainly encourage you to go have it. You do not even need to practice with the standards of an athlete. The success of a friend to run around Senayan Main Stadium five times (though originally a one-time traveling alone is struggling!) Course will also encourage you to do the same achievement.

“You might see them walking, laughing, having fun, then think, ‘If they can, I certainly can too,'” said Dr. Wann. “The more you connect with the sport (through its own athletes or sports), are increasingly able to influence you to get moving.”

2. Watching the game with sports
According to research, just sitting watching the games, women with an average body weight 70 kg can burn over 100 calories. In fact, when you watch live soccer match at the stadium, or watch badminton in the field, you certainly will not just sit. You will be sitting, standing, jumping, screaming, waving his hand to give encouragement. The same effect you will get when you watch it on TV with friends at the cafe. Can not seat? Not a problem! With the stand throughout the game, you can burn 150 calories! Need a snack? Eat nuts.

3. You more longevity
You do not like to watch the game in person, and chose to watch on television. Perhaps, but try to invite my friends. If possible, have put together at home watching the show regularly. Because maintaining a strong social network, especially with friends healthy, will increase the chances of living longer by 50 percent. You will also double their chances to beat the cancer, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and prevent the flu, according to research from Brigham Young University study.

“Social good sport can help you cope with stress, so the likelihood of experiencing physical and emotional effects that will diminish the negative,” said
Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PhD, professor of psychology who led the study.

4. Good for your relationship
He is most pleased if you join a sports watch, even if you did not really enjoy it. However, when you get to watch, over time you will understand the game, and eventually become like him. If the favorite team wins, he will release the hormone testosterone to boost libido, and feeling like this will carry over in bed. No wonder, watching sports events eventually become a means of quality time for couples. Research also shows, sharing the same interests can boost domestic harmony. Mutually supportive marriage good for heart health, and help you live longer.

5. Make you smarter
Watch sporting events can improve the ability to communicate and help you stay organized. Researchers from the Univesity of Chicago in a study in 2008 revealed that watching the game would be an exercise for the brain. In the experiment, 12 college level hockey players, eight fans of hockey, and nine people who never watch hockey or played sports, listened to broadcast hockey games, while a machine recording their brain function. After that, they were given tests to analyze their understanding.

The experiment concluded, athletes and sports fans are not only able to understand the game better, but also suffered brain activity in motor areas related to planning, monitoring, and performance. This suggests that exercise can help your audience absorb and digest the information as if you also play the sport.

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