Establishing the role of Father Daughter Sex Characters

Posted on March 16, 2012


Cases of the more premarital sex. In addition indicates a problem within the family system, especially for adolescents, premarital sex showed poor information obtained through the child’s parents. Of course, parents can not expect much if any information about sex is given when the child was a teenager; especially if they begin to recognize the opposite sex or dating. That explanation should be given early, when children begin to wonder about her. Parents build a fun atmosphere for children to discuss, then use every opportunity to explain conscious, little by little, within the meaning of our children.

Establish the identity and character of child sex

Psychological Science study found that the father is very big role in fostering a sense of worth within the child, whether male or female.

One side of our daughters safety is not easy to get caught up in pre-marital sex is intimacy with the Father. She needs a good figure of a man, a gracious and merciful. He first of all recognize the “world” the man from his father. He’s a sexual identity as a woman of her father who treats her as a child with a good daughter.

He was proud to be a woman because her father stressed that at home. Thus he attempts to maintain the sanctity of her as a woman, and do not want to disappoint his father only because of his association with pleasure.

an abundance of love, appreciation and praise of the Father, will make our daughter is not easy to fall in his rags seduction. Close to our daughter for their personal use only. Think the judge’s daughter knew where he was responsible and what is not. Our children will not carelessly gives herself to a man whose integrity is not clear. He had a patron, a good man like his father.

Children of women who received enough love from their father is not easy to give love to any man in the vicinity. He had enough love and attention of the best men in her life today, namely his father. With love and give the needs of children, child sexual characters well formed. This is the capital he was able to say No, when tempted in the friendship and avoid premarital sex.

Conversely, if he does not have the model and the love of a good man at home, she will find love of male friends outside the home, in the interaction. But it will be very danger if he gets in the wrong place, friendships are not responsible.

The father, not to ignore the needs of our sons and daughters. Children who ignored his father had an emotional block three times more than those who lack a mother’s love. No wonder the Bible is full of clues about the role of fathers. God gave a big role in a father in the family.

My father was a teenager as we need to instill the importance of honoring mothers and appreciating women. Train children to learn to appreciate each other in marriage through the relation between us and the partner.


The family is where children learn to be a husband, wife and a family value. One should learn a boy is to appreciate and respect women. Likewise, we appreciate the man’s daughter. Families also place our children are taken literally, including when he failed to meet our expectations as parents.

For prevention, it is every parent should ensure that youth have a sense of “my self worth”. Sense of self-worth is derived from feeling safe and loved is derived from a healthy bond with their parents, which was built as a baby.

In addition, of course, need to experience spiritual life of children. They realize that he is so valuable as a creature, and loved by God. God loves him so much, and love that he saw from my father and mother.

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