Sleepiness The Killing

Posted on March 18, 2012


Welcoming the World Sleep Health Day which falls on March 16, well if we see one from a sleep disorder which can be fatal drowsiness. You remember the Exxon Valdez disaster? In 1989 a tanker hit a reef and grow 260000-750000 barrels of crude oil into the sea. The mass media was to blame alcohol drinking habits ship captain. But the real cause of accidents is fatigue and sleepiness crew experienced helmsman failed to respond to the threat of danger.

In terms of driving safety and workplace safety, sleepiness obviously very dangerous. But what about everyday life?

The following are signs you experience drowsiness:

• Just get up early with the alarm.
• It’s hard to concentrate.
• Easily upset and offended.
• Drinking endless cups of coffee to work.
• Make silly mistakes
• Forgot to put the goods, etc..

Sleepiness can kill your career and love life.

Imagine, if performance continues to decline due to repeated mistakes you make. Not to mention the loss of concentration in the middle of a meeting, or stale ideas that are caused by a clogged creativity. In the romance alive. Outbursts of emotion, often missed a date because bablas sleep, or even a dim libido. Or in a fog of sleepiness, either send intimate messages to mistresses, to the couple. So, imagine the effect on your love life.

How to deal with sleepiness?

First aid measures would take the form of the stimulant caffeine and energy drinks. But how many of you actually think to improve the quality of sleep? Stimulant substances should be consumed wisely. Not because of the demands to open his eyes.

Be careful, stimulants only delay sleep. He did not restore the brain’s ability to concentrate, carefully analyzed or creative work. No! He was only delayed sleep! So, someone who stayed up late studying, working, chasing deadlines … useless. You are fully awake, but still tired! If you’re driving, you are playing with danger because of driving ability, vigilance, avoidance reflexes were much reduced.

Not a single substance that could replace the effects of any restorative sleep. If you are sleepy mean you need to sleep. When a co-worker said “need coffee” in fact she needed to sleep. Biological clock key. Schedule to balance activity and rest. At encourage active biological clock, is an ideal time to do the hard work stressful. At a certain hour, just by checking the contents of the documents is not important. But in an emergency what can be done? Nap during the day 15-20 minutes, get up fresh new stimulant consumption, the result will be much better.

Sleep disorders

If sleepy, it means you still need to sleep. People who are lazy sleepy does not mean you know .. Since there was no sleep most of the term. If someone had enough sleep will no longer be able to sleep. That there is excessive sleepiness, or hypersomnia. Excessive sleepiness, is still sleepy despite getting enough sleep. Imagine if you only sleep 2 hours a night, what it’s like?

People with hypersomnia experience this every day, all year round. There are several symptoms of hypersomnia with sleep disorders. Narcolepsy, periodic limb movements in sleep and sleep apnea. The latter is the most common yet most often overlooked. Continuous snoring and sleepiness, is the main symptom. Airways narrow during sleep will clog.

Due to shortness of the patient will wake up without waking briefly, micro arousals. This episode will be repeated throughout the night. Consequently, the fragmented sleep and sleep quality was poor. Sufferers will not wake up refreshed, and continued drowsy during the day. You’ll recognize the characters like this: heavy eyelids, facial weakness, slow, difficult decisions, and pendengkur.Ini why in Europe, snorers are prohibited from driving.

Snoring is considered normal in almost all cultures, the light kill. Stop breathing, although occur periodically during sleep would trigger a chain reaction that resulted in chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, stroke and death. Excessive sleepiness and snoring definitely kill.

Yes, during my career analyzing the patient’s sleep, I am thankful no one was fatal crash in a sleep laboratory. But not long ago, in Atlanta a 25-year-old boy, suffered a heart attack and died in a sleep laboratory.

In handling a variety of sleep disorders. We use a tool called polysomnography in a sleep laboratory. Here the patients will stay overnight with various sensors attached. Starting from the sensors recording brain waves, eye movements, breath sensors, heart, sleeping position until the movement of the feet. From the analysis of patient beds, will be determined according to various treatments.

Triumvirate of Health

The concept of modern health care is now called the triumvirate of health. To achieve perfect health, one needs three main components, namely the balance of nutrition, regular exercise and healthy sleep.

Signs of unhealthy sleep is drowsiness. Drowsiness, other than to kill, also a sign of poor quality of life. For that, fix your quality of life by improving sleep hygiene. Undoubtedly the quality of your life will be better.

Health Sleep for a Better World.

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