“Tune-Up” Your Wedding

Posted on March 20, 2012


Caring for love is much more complicated than treating the face or a car engine. Requires a lot of time, feelings, sacrifice, creativity and love of art expressed a high level.

Love is like the engine of marriage. Unfortunately, not many know how to take care of the wedding machine. After the celebration of marriage, the machine continues to run without maintenance. Initially the new love that warm, fresh and romantic. However, due to minimal maintenance, machine love marriage eventually “die”. Such as car engines, love within marriage should receive routine maintenance (tune-up). If you love taking care routine, your wedding machine is still fresh and works well.

Some research suggests intimacy is closely related to stress. An intimate relationship into a kind of fortress for the negative effects of stress. Those who are intimate with your partner, are less prone to stress-related syndromes. They are generally quick in dealing with various diseases, and at least the possibility of recurrent disease compared with those who do not have an intimate relationship.

Caring for love

First of all you need to understand aspects of intimacy in marriage. There are five areas of intimacy that need regular care:

First, the emotional intimacy. This is an experience of a feeling of closeness, the ability to share feelings openly, and the full attention of the couple. His form is longing to be together, there is joy chatting and walking together. The point is, make time to be emotionally intimate.

Second, social intimacy. Experience of having friends and social activities together. Mujudnya, not easily jealous. In contrast ma close friend to hang out with your partner. Make time to chat and meet with their respective companions.

Third, sexual intimacy (for husband and wife). It is the experience of affective states, touch, physical closeness and sexual activity. His form is to have an interest in your partner’s body, having an orgasm and free in communicating about sexual issues. The tips, take a regular basis to enjoy sexual relations with your partner’s needs and agreements, as well as creative.

Fourth, recreational intimacy. Share experience joy through hobbies, sports, and recreation together. The ability to enjoy leisure time together. Plan a vacation at least twice a year, which is fun for both parties, including children.

Fifth, spiritual intimacy. The ability to enjoy fellowship together spiritually, to grow in faith and pray for each other. Apart from enjoying the full faith, to strengthen each other as partners in a depressed condition, and many struggles. You become friends sharing fun and strengthen

In practical terms, a form of caring love give enough time with their spouse. Try to be a pleasant interlocutor. There is little humor and jokes. Helpful when the spouse in need of help or assistance. You do not just focus on your business and your career, instead focusing on the couple. Always think about how to keep your partner happy and satisfied.

Caring means caring love. Willing to share and express yourself in your partner without fear or pretense. There is a willingness to maintain and protect the physical needs of the couple well. Including the sacrifice for the partner, defended the couple when he threatened. All this will give your partner the most fundamental sense of security.

Wages intimacy

If you can build and maintain the intimacy of the above, then you bring the enjoyment, satisfaction of the spouse and yourself. You enjoy the joy, peace, serenity, and minimal stress. Conversely, if you do not care for love and intimacy can bring negative results. Among others, easily hurt, a lot of physical and psychological complaints. Finally, a marriage without intimacy led to tensions and difficulties that affect the performance and your career.

Is your love still burning hot? Whether your wedding machine is still functioning well or from undermining? If it began to fail, it is time to his tune-up. Look for wedding consultants to achieve the love that seemed to have been “lost”.

Make sweet love is tasteless. Love warms the cold. Do not let your love machine “machine down”. That would only add insult to injury suffered by the children and grandchildren. Falling in love is easy, but not so take care.

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