Make it true sedative Whitney Died?

Posted on March 21, 2012


Whitney Houston’s death, dubbed “Queen of Pop” is really surprising many people especially the lovers of music and song in the world. To date this article was made, I still see some friends on facebook wall is filled by the link hits from Whitney brought from 80s to 90s era. His sudden death brought the sad news indeed, especially for fans. Especially if it is associated with the habit in recent years are filled with news about the will of cocaine dependence.

Although the toxicology of the inspection body is not over done, many rumors began circulating that Whitney died of a similar mix sedative called Xanax with alcohol. It was said at the time found a position that seems Whitney drowned in a bathtub was initially suspected of drowning, but the test said that while there was no water in his lungs. This indicates that Whitney had died first before lying in the bathtub. In this paper I will try a little talk about the drug so-called Whitney Houston plays a role in these deaths.

Xanax and Alcohol

Xanax is the brand name for the class of drugs called benzodiazepines alprazolam generic. Alprazolam drug anti anxiety is one of the most widely prescribed and unfortunately most often misused. The main indications of this drug for anxiety disorders is panic, especially when a panic attack.

In practice, many doctors prescribe this anxiety not only for panic disorder but also the treatment of other anxiety and insomnia as well. Benzodiazepines including alprazolam drug classes that have a short half-life. That is, the drug is short enough to be in human blood after eating.

Metabolites including the half-life ranged from 8-15 hours. In practice, the effects of this drug is gone in 3-4 hours. This situation would create the potential for substance dependence is also greater. It is not recommended consumed more than a few weeks. Usually, in practice these drugs are not advised to take more than 4 weeks, there is even some suggestion does not wear more than two weeks. Alprazolam and alcohol actually have the same properties as a depressant to the nervous system of the brain.

The purpose of this is a depressant drug that slows the nervous system of the brain that result is obtained peace. Alprazolam working in Butiric Amino Acid Glutamate systems (GABA) has sedative properties, meaning properties of this drug to calm. Alcohol while also having the same properties that soothe. Both of these substances is never advisable to drink together.

Even someone who is in therapy with the drug alprazolam medication is not recommended to drink alcohol during treatment, although not in unison while drinking. This is because if taken together, the effect can be many orders of magnitude of the expected real effects. Several studies have also said that benzodiazepines including alprazolam drugs in large doses or doses that doubled as interactions with other drugs will make even greater potency in suppressing the respiratory system in the brain.

If you see a history of treatment of the lung (emphysema disease is said) by some media about Whitney Houston, could have been the condition of the use of alprazolam and alcohol makes breathing became depressed which makes the condition becomes dangerous especially with the history of these lung disorders.

What I wrote above is just assumptions based on media coverage related to what is experienced by the late Whitney Houston. What actually happens behind the event we are looking forward to the official report of the government there. My message is, be wary of using tranquilizers and alcohol. If taking anti anxiety benzodiazepine class in the supervision of a physician should not attempt to self-medicate with drugs purchased at pharmacies that are selling bad drugs of this type without a prescription.

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