No Confidence At Love? Try These Tricks

Posted on March 22, 2012


Women and men around the world agree, sex is one way of expressing love

Not all men and women have a sense of confidence when I want to start having sexual relations with their partners. Many factors influence it, ranging from lack of knowledge about sexuality to psychological factors.

But this confidence problem should not be too concerned. You just need to make a few changes, as I wrote the following:

1. Learn new skills

For those who have never had sex, you may think of watching adult films as a guideline. But this alone is not enough. You need to add knowledge to perform a variety of research such as reading a good book about sexuality-related personal and couples (with scientific explanations). By reading the scientific literature from a trusted source, you will receive additional knowledge that may have been you never got before.

For example, you’ll know exactly where the G-spot area (areas that can pair to reach orgasm) and techniques to stimulate your partner. Although each woman or man has a sensitive area that is different, but in general is essentially the same.

2. Shaping the body

Routine exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet will not only make you feel more confident in their appearance, but also can increase arousal during sex. With physical activity, cardio endurance will be formed so as to increase stamina in bed while building muscle strength. With great stamina, allowing you to perform a variety of different sexual positions.

3. Keep it clean

Keeping your body clean before the start of obligatory sex. If you want to maintain comfort during sex, you should clean your body first. Spend about 5-10 minutes to shower and add a little fragrance  on your body.

4. Do not hesitate to ask

It would be difficult for you to satisfy your partner if you do not know what he wants. Therefore, do not be shy to ask something to your partner about what stuff to make her become more aroused. It may seem a little embarrassing, but the results will be very beneficial.

5. Do not panic if an orgasm does not occur

It is not easy to be able to bring a partner to a climax (orgasm). But do not beat yourself up if it happens. If you are always trying to force yourself to satisfy your partner at any time, you will lose the war. Most women will admit that they have a period where not able to reach orgasm.

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