Ways to Avoid Cell Phone Radiation

Posted on March 23, 2012


While waiting for connected relationships, do not immediately put the phone to the ear. At that time, the signal is strongest.

Previously reported, a panel of international experts gathered by the World Health Organization said the phones may be carcinogenic in humans. This was revealed after they examined dozens of studies on mobile phones that have been published.

“It’s time we begin to respond to cell phone radiation is more serious,” said Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, author of bestselling book version of the New York Times, Zapped. “Of course, technology does not have to disappear, we just need to educate and develop strategies to reduce exposure to artificial radiation is shown to have biological effects.”

Therefore, in this article I provide tips for limiting exposure to harmful cell phone radiation:

1. Turn on speaker.

Using the speaker while speaking will reduce the energy or power level of mobile phone radiation. The farther you are from mobile phone antennas, the lower the signal. Headset cable on many mobile phones can also act as an antenna, so it can transmit a number of electromagnetic radiation to your head.

2. SMS‘s only.

When you SMS’s hobby, it’s time you make your hobby. Sending text to limit the duration of radiation exposure, and keep the phone from the head and body. But note also, he should not SMS’s holding his cell phone. Number of studies that found damage to the vitality and motility (sperm that can move spontaneously) reported increased sperm. Could be, it would not be a good influence on the uterus.

3. Select the offline mode.

When the phone is not used, make it a habit to turn it off. Or, set to be offline, standalone, or flight mode, which will turn off its transmitter, but still allows you to use the phone to play games or listen to music. Anyway, open the application but to call and internet browsing.

4. From left ear to right ear.

If there is a condition that requires you to call, try moving the phone from the left ear to right ear repeatedly. This could limit the exposure on one side of the head only, which is often associated with increased risk of brain tumors and cancers of the salivary glands of the ear which is often used to listen to the phone.

5. Avoid narrow space.

While in the elevator, train, or automobile, you should not have so often called. Moreover, using cell phones while driving will also jeopardize your safety and other highway users, right?

6. Note the signal.

Do not use the phone when the signal is weak, or when you’re driving in a car going very fast (the train is also included). This will automatically trigger the signal strength up to maximum, because the phone trying to connect to a new relay antenna.

7. Do not stay long.

Call should not be too long. Enough to make an appointment with a client, or remind the child to eat, for example. If you want to chat with new friends schools that met on Facebook, you should use a landline. Or, see it at home or in coffee. More satisfied, right? Do not forget, the risk of brain tumors begin in the cumulative exposure levels are relatively low.

8. Reduce play around with the smartphone.

Devices such as BlackBerry or iPhone produces higher emissions than mobile phones, because they rely on energy from the battery to perform activities of e-mail, Internet connection, and to display colors.

9. Keep your cell phone when not connected.

After pressing the phone number of your friends, do not directly hold the phone to your ear. At that time, the phone was trying to connect, and is sending the strongest signal.

10. Do not pocketed the phone.

In one study, found that men who carry a cell phone in his pants pockets tend to have a sperm count of 25 per cent lower compared with the other guy who does not keep his cell phone in his pants pockets. Other parts of the body to absorb radiation at different intensities, and testicular tissue were also more likely to attack.

11. Do not put the phone in bed.

You do need an alarm on the phone to help you get up early. But, do not put the phone near your head. Electromagnetic field can reduce the production of melatonin in the body, and the sweeper free radicals that can protect your body cells from DNA damage. As you know, DNA damage can increase the risk of cancer and other diseases.