Preparing for First Night

Posted on March 25, 2012


Looked ideal partner can make sexual intercourse more lasting

The first night is something very special and eagerly awaited. Although not everything, but she can reveal a lot of “secrets” in marriage. Also leaving special memories are not forgotten.

For some people, the first night to be something “sacred” that must be enjoyed in a honey moon honeymoon alias. Enjoyed in a place and a special atmosphere.

In some cases our counseling, it turns out they did not prepare “first night” and they are well honey moon. That places the disappointment and anger.

Some cases may be subject, among others

1. Annie (pseudonym) was the first night bland alias for granted, because he’s used to doing with her boyfriend Alan (pseudonym) before marriage. Even two days before they are blessed, they do so.

2. Andie (pseudonym) was disappointed with his wife Wenny (pseudonym). Wenny did not say that because he was mensturasi when they married. So the first night Wenny feel comfortable dealing with Andie.

3. Toety (pseudonym), was disappointed that her husband forced her to sleep and enjoy the first night at her family home. The house is narrow, and do not feel comfortable doing so.

4. Sary (pseudonym) consultation with our home after a honeymoon of some countries in Europe with her husband Saut (pseudonym). Each time will enjoy the marital relationship, Saut always go to the bathroom. Her husband Sary could wait one to two hours. Until Sary upset, not knowing what her husband. Because if the answer were “minute”. Sary and then choose to sleep angry. That’s for 10 days, Sary really curious and can not stand. Sary eventually learned that her husband is impotent, but not come clean. Sary would be so disappointed. He chose a temporary separation from her husband after the honeymoon. For the honeymoon seemed to gall.

Set up your first night

In order for the first night of course there must be special preparation you do. This needs to be studied and well prepared.

First, Plan a wedding date where you can take time off from work. So have time enough to enjoy the two officially became husband and wife after

Second, Try to find a place (city) are interesting and memorable. Learn sights that is appropriate for both. Because the event was married once for a lifetime (normal conditions). Make your honeymoon a lasting impression, and do not forget perpetuated. Therefore, prepare a special fund (if possible).

Third, discuss and consult both of you health, including sexual health. Hopefully the experience of knowing her husband impotent Sary during honey moon did not happen to you. Would be very profound disappointment.

Fourth, Plan a wedding date when you’re not menstruating, because it will interfere with you on the first night. Do not hesitate to say to your partner about this candidate. Learn more open about sex because sex is not taboo, sex is a beautiful gift from God and given to the husband and wife.

Fifthly, Learn the basics about the marital relationship, such as fore-play, about a comfortable position and set the atmosphere and mood that is okay. Keep the atmosphere relaxed, comfortable and serve each other and satisfying.

Sixth, very good and most special: Your spouse is the first to “enjoy” your body. Be on guard for going out, you try not to have sex that should only be done by the husband / wife.

Seventh, if you find that your partner is finally open that you are not the first “intimate” with him, accept and forgive. Do not make it a reason to divorce your spouse. However, you should if you really intend to be honest and open, better conditioning and the atmosphere is the right time. Not in your honeymoon.


Marriage and intimate relationships in the institution of marriage is a wonderful gift from God. Given by God as a way to enjoy intimacy. The beauty and intimacy of marriage helps us appreciate the beauty of a relationship with God.

Hopefully this exposure cases and useful tips and a lesson for those of you who are preparing for a wedding in the near future. Survivors preparing for the wedding as well.

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