5 Interesting Facts Fetal Activity in the Womb

Posted on March 28, 2012


Fetus in the womb is a new personal or personal which has its own uniqueness and magic of the life events in the womb

Babies in the womb when unborn fetus is actually called. When it was born then turned into a baby’s called. However, although we often call an unborn baby. Fetus in the womb is a new personal or personal which has its own uniqueness and magic of the life events in the womb (intra uterine).

Very interesting if we look at the gestures of the fetus in the womb through ultrasound monitor screen. What are the activities of the fetus in the womb?

1. Whether during pregnancy the fetus is able to hear?
Entering the gestational age of six months or 24 weeks the fetus can hear. And what he hears? Any activity in the mother’s body into the rhythm of a beautiful tone to the fetus. While lying comfortably in the womb, the fetus is hearing maternal heartbeat, bowel sounds, and a wide range of sound when he played the amniotic fluid. For pregnant women, are advised to provide a positive stimulus from the outside of his body and take care of every utterance, avoid loud argument between a husband and wife. So that the fetus does not experience stress.

2. When the Fetus likes to suck and taste flavors?
When viewed on a monitor screen, in the fetus at 16 weeks the fetus has begun an adventure with the ability to taste and mouth feel of amniotic fluid sucking motion. To the fetus in early intelligence to taste began to evolve.

3. When the fetus is sensitive to light from the outside?
The age of four months the fetus is sensitive to light. Although the dark atmosphere of the womb, the fetus is able to distinguish when there is bright light stimuli from outside the body of his mother. The researchers tried to stimulate the eyes of the fetus to provide light to shine spotlights the mother’s stomach, and fetal eyes seem to blink when the light is directed into his face.

4. When the fetus is able to use the sense of touch?
At 4-5 months of gestation the fetus is beginning to feel the sensation on the surface of the body and skin. When her lips touched the fetus can make a move to open the lips and seemed to suck. When touched on the palms of her hands grasping the fetus will react.

5. What to do if the fetus is experiencing tension or stress in the womb?
When a pregnant woman experiencing mental tension and psychological stress during pregnancy, the fetus in the womb may be affected. Excessive fetal movement, his or cramps occur easily called by a contraction in the mother’s womb. It can even be the potential occurrence of preterm labor or premature rupture of membranes. The fetus can also remove the content and feces contaminate the amniotic fluid.

What to watch pregnant women for the good of the fetus in the womb?
• Receive an upright all the body changes, ups and downs while undergoing pregnancy.
• Maintaining health and fitness with activities that are not exhausting.
• Keep your intake of nutritious food for the growth of the fetus in the womb.
• Maintain a mood and a calm mind since you became pregnant.
• To maintain a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, avoid domestic violence.
• Provide a stimulus to soft music on the mother’s abdominal wall, chanting prayers, and the husband and wife often stimulate the baby, touching the mother’s abdomen with gentle strokes while talking to the fetus in the womb.

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