10 Wrong Myths Drug Use

Posted on March 30, 2012


Drugs can be viewed as a double-edged sword. Can provide a cure, but can also cause illness and even death.

Problem drug use is good and right is still a complex phenomenon. Many false myths that developed in the community about the use of drugs can actually worsen a person‘s health status.

Principle, the use of drugs that are useful, safe, according to a person’s condition and affordable.

Rational use of medicines can be said if the use of appropriate indication, appropriate dosage and route of administration, duration of appropriate and affordable cost.

On the basis that the article I said that one of 10 myths related to the use of drugs in society, as described below:

1. Increasing doses of the drug causes the disease recover faster
Not true. One great if there are people who think so. A patient should not increase the dose of medication without a doctor’s knowledge is concerned. This action is assessed may create new health problems.

2. Use a wider variety of more potent drugs
The use of various types of drug used to treat one disease with a speedy recovery’ll excuse not the right way. The use of drugs with diverse types likely to be gratuitous because the drug has the same content.

3. Drug “patent” or the more expensive it will be efficacious
Not true if there are people who think by buying an expensive drug, then the disease can heal faster. The public should know that the patent and generic drugs have the same efficacy.

4. If a drug is proven effective for other people, would have worked well for me
Not necessarily. Not all drugs are suitable for others would fit well for you. For example, someone who both use a minus lens glasses may not be able to use other people who are both wearing minus glasses.

So it all depends on the extent of disease severity and to be sure you should consult a physician.

5. People type “rhino” need a big dose of
‘If the dose is just one other person, I do not work and had to eat two or three drugs at once’ statement may often we hear. But in my opinion, not all drugs have a level that is not as hospitable if taken as prescribed. “Because there is a drug that when consumed in excess jutru will cause harmful side effects.”

6. Injecting accelerate heal diseases
Many people think it is more potent injectable. But in people who experience allergic drug administration by injection is much more dangerous than a drunk. “So do not urge doctors to ask for an injection.”

7. Taking medication for a prolonged period can damage the kidneys
Some hypertensive patients suffering from stroke due to the myth that these seven. Many patients think, a lot of drug consumption and continuously for long periods can damage the kidneys. Though their decision to lay off medication can actually have more impact fatal. Because the kidney damage is hypertension, rather than cure.

8. Traditional or herbal medicine must be safe
Herbal or traditional medicine is not necessarily safe. One hundred percent safe drug is a placebo because it has no efficacy.

9. Vitamins are an essential requirement for maintaining a healthy body
A person does not need a daily multivitamin. Because no matter how much a person consumes a vitamin, it will not be able to replace the position of the food.

10. Dietary supplements are very beneficial to improving the health
Supplement its shape is like a drug, but he is not a drug. Manufacturers can claim anything about the efficacy of the supplements without having to prove they make, as long as no claim to cure or prevent a disease. It is not known to the consumer.