Keeping Sex Performance in All Ages

Posted on March 31, 2012


Sleeping position in which you lay down on his chest, feels cozy and intimate, thus increasing tenderness.

As we get older, the desire for someone to have sex will generally decrease. It is usually triggered by hormonal changes in the body, especially in women, as well as fatigue and boredom perhaps.

With increasing age of women, their hormones will start to decline. Hormonal changes can cause pain during intercourse because of vaginal dryness due to low estrogen levels.

Dr. Judi Chervenak, reproduction and endocrinology specialists say, the desire to have sex on a woman is dependent on hormonal and emotional factors. To overcome this he gives some simple tips for you and your partner to keep the sexual energy to stay awake, no matter what age you are:

1. Use a lubricant
Sex should be enjoyable for both partners. If you experience any discomfort during sex, may be able to try a lubricant. Lubricant is one solution to overcome the problem of vaginal dryness, and improve sexual satisfaction. For safety, choose the type of water-based lubricant gel.

2. Exercise regularly
When you exercise regularly, your body releases endorphins that help make you feel better. Specific sports such as Kegel exercises are highly recommended because it can strengthen pelvic muscles and help a woman in improving sexual performance.

3. Communicate openly
Communication becomes the most important factor for creating a good sexual relationship. Build open and honest communication with your partner will make your relationship more romantic. If you’re not excited to have sex to communicate in a clear and loving. In this way, your partner does not need to ask around and find out what you want.

4. Aphrodisiac Foods
Although there is no scientific confirmation in this regard, but some natural aphrodisiacs like wine, oysters, and dark chocolate can be trusted to build your mood for the time being in touch.
5. Drug
Consumption of arousal-enhancing drugs like Viagra is now not only the consumption of men but also women. In a recent study, New England Journal of Medicine suggests that use of testosterone enhancing drugs could help a woman enjoy better sex. However, please note that there are risks associated with breast cancer related to use of these drugs.

6. Routine health checks
You may be suffering from some undiagnosed medical condition or infection that causes you to lose interest in sex. Routine check with your obstetrician will help identify any problems and speed up treatment before they become worse.

7. Negative Thinking
Think positive and discard all the negative thoughts are your minds. Instill in you that negative thinking will only drag you down in the fall, feeling hopeless and frustrated.

8. Sensory stimuli
It should be really fun. Each sense plays an important role in enhancing sexual pleasure, such as fragrances, music, lighting. This can create a sensory stimulant to enhance the pleasure of your sex life.

9. Stay away from stress
One of the main reasons why modern couples often face problems in your sex life is because they often bring home their workload in the office so that trigger stress. Without realizing it, it actually can stop and disrupt your sex life partner.

Age has not always been a major cause that limits sexual pleasure. If necessary, you can seek the help of professional counseling and find out what is causing your sexual life disrupted.

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