Lightweight Face tips Complaints in Early Pregnancy

Posted on April 1, 2012


While the changes are more or less will interfere with daily activities, but not worth the happiness of the birth of the baby later.

Every woman crave a healthy pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy is the how? What is certain is pregnant in the womb, the fetus is alive and well expressed by doctors and midwives, according to the period of growth. However, it should be understood that blissful state of pregnancy but also will bring the impact of physical and mental changes for pregnant women, especially pregnant the first time.

The important thing to understand that all pregnant women experienced a complaint is not a disease, but due to changes in the function of the body of a pregnant mother. Pregnancy is a natural process that took place since the beginning of conception until the time of delivery arrived.

Visits to the doctor or midwife on a regular basis is an effort to monitor the health and not for treatment, unless there is a pregnant woman that accompanies the disease during pregnancy, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disorders and so on.

A common complaint experienced by pregnant women during the first three months of pregnancy include dizziness, enlarged breasts feel, sometimes pain in the abdomen, the body was limp, cold sweats, no appetite, nausea, feeling tired easily, feel like fainting, lazy activity , erratic mood and sometimes accompanied by mild fever and sweating. These complaints are not always perceived the same in all pregnant women who are pregnant, especially for the first time.

While the changes are more or less will interfere with daily activities, but not worth the happiness of the birth of the baby later. Physical state and minor complaints are closely related to hormonal changes in pregnant woman’s body. No need to worry and anxiety, live with gratitude and try to enjoy every “bonus of pregnancy”.

All of these changes is a natural process as the body attempts to maintain the presence of the fetus in the mother’s womb. What can be done on pregnant women early in pregnancy are less comfortable?

1. Avoid fatigue, such as prolonged standing work more than six hours without a break, avoid the crowds that make pregnant women a lack of oxygen. Try to get enough rest the night sleep.

2. Inadequate food and drink. If nausea and vomiting still eat in small portions but often, do not have to eat rice, bread can be replaced biscuits, fruit, vegetables, pudding, cereal, ice cream, milk or other nutritious foods. Every time vomiting immediately try to eat more to keep your baby grow up healthy.

3. Regularly during their pregnancy for maternal health control and monitoring of the state of the baby in the womb. Discuss with your doctor and midwife about the perceived problems during pregnancy in order to get precise instructions.

4. To relate as much as possible with other pregnant women or join in activities that involve the mother in order to share experiences, reading books or magazines about the preparation of infant care, listening to music, and get busy yourself with positive activities to improve mood.

5. Establish harmonious and mutually supportive relationship between husband and wife and family environment. Support and attention of her husband, family and friends will give good effects to the fetus in the womb and gives a positive effect on mental preparation for a mother who was pregnant.

6. Bring all the grievances felt by the sincerity in prayer and thanksgiving for the grace of pregnancy and fetal health.

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