Sex Okay Again Thanks to Weight Training?

Posted on April 2, 2012


A middle-aged friend confessed his sexual ability increased lately due to undergo diligent weight training. He himself was unsure whether it’s a coincidence or could be explained scientifically the relationship between weight training and one’s sexual ability, especially for those whose age is not young anymore.

When examined further, the friend is not a young man who was in the peak of sexual arousal and ability. However, although not quite young, she can maximize the potential and ability in the middle of the shadow and the threat of aging.

Aging is a process that can not be avoided by anyone. Many a man or woman who is not as strong as the young, including in terms of sex. However, despite over 40 years of age, do not have the power in the broadest sense should be decreased dramatically.

In order to decrease the strength does not decrease too rapidly, including sexual ability, there are many ways you can do. But before that, it helps us also to understand what exactly is sexuality? Sexuality is a powerful feeling, fresh and still ardent, and will state his joy, strength and ability to enjoy sex life. Then what prevents or even kill those feelings?

When a person becomes older, the rate of metabolism tends to decrease, and hence the energy will decrease. As a result of this decrease occurs because fat intake remained the same and reduced physical activity. Then, the muscles continued to decline each year after age 30 years, so the muscles become lax.

Both men and women, whose body was soft and loose, of course, is not sexy anymore. With the decline in the muscles, your posture itself will change. That should the shoulders back, into the future. Steps that should be running with an athletic, running a little drag.

The muscles of the latissimus dorsi muscle trapesius and (the muscles in the back) began loosened, causing you to look older. Then, the strength becomes less as well. Finally, do not feel strong enough to dart straight in appearance.

In short, you seem so sluggish. It is less profitable for the state of your sexuality. And finally, the most important thing is when you look in the mirror, you see your body and loose less fresh menggelembyor. This will affect yourself and lead to obstacles in your sexual abilities.

How do I solve this problem? You should be doing weight training and of course must be the right way. With proper training, then you will get some benefits as follows:

(1) Improve your posture straight away and your energy will increase. With weight exercises, the muscles will grow. Gym exercises also increase your metabolism. Muscle is the only tissue in the body, which always burns calories while you are in an inactive state. For example, you move the muscles in the body, meaning you will burn more calories than usual, even though you are in a state of sleep. Due to the use of more calories, then the fat will not happen, despite eating quite a lot.

(2) your body starts a little hard. After practicing for about 8 weeks, your body feels it will be hard on the thigh and arm. You begin to feel sexy because hardware is sexy.

(3) Then you begin to feel stronger. You begin to feel they have power again, there is a feeling; you will be able to do so. You become a new attitude, both in thought and your doings. Then you are more daring approach the opposite sex.

(4) Finally the most important thing is that your whole body has become fresh again. After 6 months of training, you look in the mirror, you’ll see the shape of the body becomes better, which probably has never had a physique that good. So there arose a sense of pride, and the shape of the body as good as it certainly will not disappoint when viewed in a state with no clothes.

Of studies have been conducted, it turns out both men and women between 35-45 years of age are given a simple weight training, physical fitness is getting better, no longer seems sluggish. Apparently, they have a sense of confidence and also feel more able to have sexual activity. Therefore, do not wait longer, you need it, start weight training exercise, of course, regular and measurable

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