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Posted on April 9, 2012


When we write a status or tweet what to target our diet, many people will cheer.

Over time, the program is no longer monotonous diet. For according to Marjorie Nolan, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, social networks like Facebook and Twitter has become one of the new media to deliver us to the ideal body shape. “Technology has offered a practical way to get millions of tips, tricks, and motivation to lose weight fast. And now both the social networking become a teacher new diet. ”

A digital diet program, according to Nolan because we are increasingly unable to break away from the gadget that makes it easy to get information. “Almost all people accessing Facebook or Twitter. Not to mention the smartphone or tablet screen that allows them to download a variety of applications diet program, “said Nolan.

Here are five benefits that we can get from social networking, we have to make the desired proportional body.

1. We may have the motivation of many followers.
When we write a status or tweet what to target our diet, many people will cheer. In fact, according to Rachel Meltzer Warren, RD, a nutritionist who lives in New York, friends or followers who read your status and are undergoing a diet program, will quickly feel a friend to get rid of fat through the struggle. “And when we managed to throw the first 4.5 kg, will be a lot of people who come to celebrate with us.” This is what makes us even more excited to do the diet program.

Social networking has made a personal story to the attention of the community. And Warren called it a new way to show concern for healthy living community. “We are also being carried out research to see how technology such as social networking can help teenage kids want to live healthy and have the ideal weight,” Warren added.

2. Share success stories on Health Journal online
Some magazines, like Prevention Indonesia, Journal of Health facilities that have a personal journal to record or tip healthy challenge that we face when undergoing a diet program. The journal is also equipped with a food diary to record food and drink that we enjoy every day. That way, we will be more aware of themselves to provide for the correct amount of calories needed. Not only that, the Journal of Health also comes with a healthy activity to record the whole series of sports that we have done.

Bonus of the Journal of Health is, “online diary” will be more consistent for us to undergo a diet program. The other readers can help provide input or motivation, so it feels like I’m doing the diet together. And this according to Nolan is the most effective way to make yourself stay on track for a diet program.

3. Magic smartphone we become a personal trainer.
Need help to calculate how many calories we take up this afternoon? No need to bother looking for a doctor of nutrition to find out, because now many applications available that allows us to calculate the nutrition and calories to be consumed. There was even an application that tells how far to step foot when walking exercise in the afternoon.

The advantages of these applications are, they are made with very specific so that all targets can be achieved with our diet is easy. According to the Pew Research Center, currently nearly 15 percent of the smartphone has been providing various types of applications for healthy living, including diet program. “We can download the application from calorie counters, timers footsteps, until the nutrition information of food will we enjoy,” said Nolan.

In fact, Nolan recalled, there is one application Cravings Manager who will remind us through excerpts healthy, that we should think twice about giving up the appetite. “So when we set the time 5 minutes on that application, then every 5 minutes or so excerpts will appear healthy so that we feel are always encouraged to apply a healthy diet“.

4. We record all traces of fat.
Online interactive facilities are also there are simple, and serves as an effective reminder. For example, when we try to keep the application from the start of our weight, moderate, to complete the diet program. Online application system that allows us to see it periodically, so always remember the target to be achieved.

5. E-mail chain that motivated.
A UK study found the facts, the respondents who received an email from nutrition experts feel the motivation to undergo diet programs more easily. Because when the e-mail, the respondent can easily implement what the nutritionist suggested. “It’s like a consultation, it’s just different media. But this way it allows them to interact more freely again with a nutritionist or personal trainer, “said Nolan.

Let’s begin to take advantage of technological sophistication that is, with such a diet will be more varied and more enjoyable. So we not only pay a monthly fee of smartphone facilities, but also make our intentions healthy living easier.

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