Friends Life Gets Difficult

Posted on April 10, 2012


Indeed marriage brought great benefits. But in reality all around us there are few men or women who are reluctant or afraid to get married.

Some are eager to get married but not easy to find your mate. While others may have a plan or other conditions that made them decide not to marry.

There are many variations of answers when asked, why not marry? As described above. Some people choose better late than hasty but wrong.

There are six common reasons why it’s hard to find a life partner. Of course this view is limited.

First, it is too idealistic. Usually this is because of the influence that parents have high expectations on their son or daughter. For example, parents require their children to marry a spouse of the tribes. There is also asking his son married the daughter of the same family social status, and others. But unfortunately, the child does not have enough skills to get along. Interaction is limited, so he had trouble getting a girlfriend’s parents as expected.

Second, because the concept and poor self-esteem. They are usually insecure judgmental and blame themselves. For example, I was stupid, which one wants me. Or blame yourself and say, Ah, how could he want with me that this poor. Another person said to himself, Ah, I do not deserve to be his girlfriend. These feelings of inferiority make friends do not feel comfortable hanging out with you.

Third, a rebellious spirit. Such an attitude is formed because the person sees his parents’ marriage sick. Every day she watched her mother suffer for the act of the father, an abusive and selfish. As a result, she was married was not a pleasant thing. Comes the inner struggle Why should I get married if only to make yourself miserable?. In other cases, the girl may have been traumatized and hurt at her boyfriend. He was engaged and almost married, but eventually the man to unilaterally terminate the relationship. Moreover, they have long teralu intimate dating and relationships. In his heart he concludes, Ah … All the same man, a liar and disloyal.
Fourth, because of a personality anti-social. Usually such young people experiencing violence from the father’s childhood. Eventually he grew up as a rough guy, likes to insult people (like his father). As a result, many are reluctant daughter’s close friend or friends. Instead of talking, sometimes just to see her face, a friend and was afraid of the opposite sex. Or in the case of women who are physically and psychologically abused by his mother. Raised domineering mother and talkative. Seclusion by the parent, and so on. Then it can form the character of anti-social, and makes it difficult to get along.

Fifth, because the less fashionable, both in dress and others. Sometimes required the use of perfumes, especially if you have a problem with body odor. About clothes and do not necessarily have to be expensive relative. But when viewed comfortable and not so ancient, but still polite.

Sixth, there are also difficult to get a girlfriend and a friend for life too, aka passive resignation. Just hoping, waiting for the Lord will send. Pray but no effort. Of course this is not possible. To get your spouse should try to get along as well as creative as possible to choose a friend.

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