It Affecting Happiness

Everyone will want to get some happiness in life. But unfortunately not everyone can feel it because of various obstacles. In fact, happiness is not just your mind becomes relaxed, but also a great effect on health.

There is a very close relationship between happiness, spirituality and the brain. Happiness can make people live longer, survival (survived), and reducing morbidity.

There are three factors that can affect a person‘s happiness as described below:

Intentional activity

Daily activities accounted for 50 percent of happiness. That is, each person should be able to coexist with others in a valued relationship. Socialize, make friends, visit family, friendship, is one form of activity that can increase a person’s happiness level. “Our nation is in fact the mutual cooperation. Positive value to raise the existing level of happiness, but less well in eksplorrer”.

Genetic factors

Perhaps many do not realize that happiness can be derived alias genetic problems does. According to Taufiq, a person who has a happy family, then he has a better chance to be happy than people with families who are not happy. Happiness is not derived, but the chance to become happy. So create a happy family, because it’s an opportunity to create a happy child.

Be grateful

One’s social status or position in society apparently is not the biggest factors that contribute to happiness, because the effect is only 10 percent. In fact, wealth has only a low correlation with the level of happiness. The most important thing a person must be thankful for what he has.

Of writing this I am clear that the happy life is the best way to maintain health, believe it or not will prove the truth of your life.


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