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Prevent Stroke in Citrus Fruit

February 25, 2012


Recent research shows that eating citrus fruit regularly can help reduce the risk of stroke. For this study, researchers focused on compounds called flavanone, which is found in citrus fruits. “These data provide strong support for eating more fruit juice as a daily consumption to reduce the risk of ischemic stroke,” says study leader Aedin […]

Better Health in Old Age thanks to Green Tea

February 6, 2012


Since the first, green tea has been known to provide many health benefits. This is because green tea contains antioxidants. A recent study in Japan said the older adults who drink green tea regularly may make them more nimble and independent. Green tea contains specific antioxidants chemicals – especially a compound known as EGCG – […]

Want Healthy? Be People of Religious

February 5, 2012


     Doing regular exercise coupled nutritionally balanced food consumption has always been touted by health experts as a surefire recipe in keeping the body healthy and fit. But it would be nice if you do not forget the religious element in support of health such as prayer or meditation. Various scientific studies claim, prayer […]