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Sensual Massage from Head to Foot

February 4, 2012


     Relaxation can be done with a partner, one with a sensual massage. Sensual massage the entire body, from head to toe, not only to introductory sexual intercourse. But indeed, couples sensual massage to create an atmosphere that brought you and your partner into the mood. How exactly a sensual massage? Just follow these […]

Good and Bad Sides Coffee

February 3, 2012


Some people think, drinking coffee is a bad habit. In certain circumstances, this could be true. In pregnant women, for example, they should avoid caffeine because it can cause complications in the fetus. But on the other hand, some studies have revealed that coffee consumption has a therapeutic benefit provided just the right amount. The […]

Sex Hormones Make Women More Beautiful

February 2, 2012


     Recent research reveals that women who have sex hormone estrogen to levels high enough to have a prettier face. These findings make evolutionary makes sense. Men are more attracted to women who are fertile. This was stated by a team of researchers from the University of St Andrews in the Journal of the […]

7 Interesting Facts Female Breast

February 1, 2012


     For each woman, the breast is one of the most valuable asset of their bodies. In addition to symbolizing the beauty and femininity, the facts also show that the breast can arouse sexual desire. Actually, there are many more shocking facts about breast cancer, who previously may never know. Here are 7 interesting […]