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Do not underestimate the risk of Plastic Surgery

April 12, 2012


Getting to know the community of plastic surgery to improve upper and lower eyelids and eyebrows, forming the cheeks, chin, and nose, face lift, neck lift, remove tattoos, tummy tuck, liposuction or liposuction, to enlarge or shrink the breast. Many assumptions are emerging that the risks of plastic surgery is not for other surgical treatments […]

About the Ageing Phase Yourself

March 27, 2012


When hearing the word of aging, which crossed our minds are usually anything that has to do with the condition that starts sagging skin and wrinkles. But the real meaning of aging is the decrease of some function of organs. As we get older, the aging process will continue to happen, but we often do […]

Ways to Avoid Cell Phone Radiation

March 23, 2012


Previously reported, a panel of international experts gathered by the World Health Organization said the phones may be carcinogenic in humans. This was revealed after they examined dozens of studies on mobile phones that have been published. “It’s time we begin to respond to cell phone radiation is more serious,” said Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, […]

Snoring Can Kill THE SILENT

March 19, 2012


Sleep time accompanied by snoring is often regarded as a good night’s sleep. In fact, people often snore during sleep, especially if frequent stops breathing at high risk of stroke and heart disease. When we sleep, the muscles in the palate, tongue, and throat are in a relaxed state so that frequent airway obstruction. The […]

Know the Disease Through the Eyes Signal

March 17, 2012


Eye was more than just windows to the soul. Sense of vision can also be a window to see whether or not we are experiencing health problems. “The eyes are the first places in the body that doctors can use to see the veins and arteries without the need for a camera or surgery,” said […]

Ms. Settle sound Premature Babies

March 10, 2012


Due to immature organs are perfect, babies born prematurely are more prone to disorders of the lungs and heart. As a result, they also often have stop breathing during sleep (sleep apnea) and slowing the heart rate (bradycardia). In a small-scale research with premature infants known to the mother’s voice played back the tape tau […]

How To Check the Health of “Exile”

March 4, 2012


Remember the wise words, you are what you eat. The food is then processed in the digestive tract, giving energy and nutrient supply our daily lives. Food waste is then discharged through the anus in the form of stool or feces. It is enough healthy is our feces? Stool is a good barometer of health […]