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Do not underestimate the risk of Plastic Surgery

April 12, 2012


Getting to know the community of plastic surgery to improve upper and lower eyelids and eyebrows, forming the cheeks, chin, and nose, face lift, neck lift, remove tattoos, tummy tuck, liposuction or liposuction, to enlarge or shrink the breast. Many assumptions are emerging that the risks of plastic surgery is not for other surgical treatments […]

Ten Habits that Make Immunity Down

April 4, 2012


The immune system is an important part of one’s body to fight disease and infection. A weakened immune system can lead to serious health conditions, such as infection or flu. Therefore very important to maintain a strong immune system, and one way to do it is by avoiding the ten bad habits of the following: […]

Keeping Sex Performance in All Ages

March 31, 2012


As we get older, the desire for someone to have sex will generally decrease. It is usually triggered by hormonal changes in the body, especially in women, as well as fatigue and boredom perhaps. With increasing age of women, their hormones will start to decline. Hormonal changes can cause pain during intercourse because of vaginal […]

10 Wrong Myths Drug Use

March 30, 2012


Drugs can be viewed as a double-edged sword. Can provide a cure, but can also cause illness and even death. Problem drug use is good and right is still a complex phenomenon. Many false myths that developed in the community about the use of drugs can actually worsen a person‘s health status. Principle, the use […]

Sitting for hours every day can be Deadly

March 29, 2012


Whether you are an office worker who always spent time in the seat? If the answer is yes, you should be wary. Recent research shows that those who spend their time sitting for 11 hours or more, has a 40 percent greater risk of dying within the next three years, regardless of whether you are […]

5 Interesting Facts Fetal Activity in the Womb

March 28, 2012


Babies in the womb when unborn fetus is actually called. When it was born then turned into a baby’s called. However, although we often call an unborn baby. Fetus in the womb is a new personal or personal which has its own uniqueness and magic of the life events in the womb (intra uterine). Very […]

About the Ageing Phase Yourself

March 27, 2012


When hearing the word of aging, which crossed our minds are usually anything that has to do with the condition that starts sagging skin and wrinkles. But the real meaning of aging is the decrease of some function of organs. As we get older, the aging process will continue to happen, but we often do […]