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In order for Youth, Standing Upright habit

April 5, 2012


Ever notice how your sitting position when working in the office? Did you used to sit up straight or slouching in a chair to sit with you? How did the way you stand and walk, whether upright or leaning forward? Be careful if you have a habit of sitting or standing is not good because […]

Sex Okay Again Thanks to Weight Training?

April 2, 2012


A middle-aged friend confessed his sexual ability increased lately due to undergo diligent weight training. He himself was unsure whether it’s a coincidence or could be explained scientifically the relationship between weight training and one’s sexual ability, especially for those whose age is not young anymore. When examined further, the friend is not a young […]

No Confidence At Love? Try These Tricks

March 22, 2012


Not all men and women have a sense of confidence when I want to start having sexual relations with their partners. Many factors influence it, ranging from lack of knowledge about sexuality to psychological factors. But this confidence problem should not be too concerned. You just need to make a few changes, as I wrote the […]

5 Benefits of Yoga for Sex Pleasure

March 12, 2012


A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009 revealed that women who initially did not feel happy with their sex lives, was slowly undergoing significant change in their sex lives. These changes include increased arousal, desire for sex, as well as better orgasms. Improvements in sex life because it turns out these […]

Drink less Trigger Sports Injury When

March 8, 2012


If you decide to exercise in a long period of time, you should not let your body become dehydrated. Why? Due to the lack of fluid in the body can lead to injury when you’re exercising. Keeping the body hydrated during physical activity and exercise can prevent injury either mild or even life-threatening. Dehydration can […]

These 4 Exercises to Stimulate Libido

February 28, 2012


Sports with a dose sufficient to improve and increase energy, even making activity becomes increasingly warm bedroom. All of this happened because of the sexual organs to function properly. Regular physical activity can increase sympathetic nervous activity that increases blood flow to the genital area. Following this exercise the power to shape and stretch the […]