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Why It’s fun talking about people?

March 3, 2012


We all know that talking about someone behind is wrong. But to be honest, is rather difficult to avoid. Actually, what makes a habit is not good it feels fun? Comfort arising from gossiping. That’s experts provide answers to the questions above. Some sentences gossip we share with friends, coworkers, or family, is mentioned can […]

10 Signs Risk of Suicide

March 1, 2012


Depression included in the psychiatric problems that can not be taken lightly. Moreover, people suffering from depression generally can not enjoy life and feel the emptiness. Therefore, they are vulnerable to suicide. The National of Mental Health reports that people in the age group 65 years accounted for 16 percent of all suicides in 2004. […]

8 Ways To Happier At Work

February 29, 2012


Almost everyone has felt the boredom boredom with the job they do. Often, the work routines of work into a trap that can lead to stress and pressure. If efforts are not overcome, it would greatly affect one’s job performance and achievements. If you start experiencing tough times at work or feel less satisfied with […]

Educating Children to Not Materialistic

February 12, 2012


Parents today have so much homework in caring for and raising her children. The most obvious and feels quite difficult for parents is to raise children without a personal grow into materialistic. Parents must be so strong effort to bombardment of advertising on television, magazines, and peer influence, which became a factor on the materialistic, […]

Children’s Emotional Disorders hitting Trigger

February 11, 2012


Hitting children is often used as a way of parents to discipline their children. Though physical punishment on children was not justified because of the long-term impact on the emotional development of children. Children who often gets hit or pinch of their parents will grow to high levels of aggression towards parents, siblings, peers, or […]

Tip for the Children to Safe Use of Social Networking

February 8, 2012


According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, more than 60 percent of adolescents in the United States have at least one profile on social networking sites. Most of them spent more than two hours a day to interact on social networking sites. This phenomenon does not seem much different from what happens […]